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abs() - Method in class org.quifft.fft.Complex
amplitude - Variable in class org.quifft.output.FrequencyBin
The amplitude of the signal at this frequency bin
AudioReader - Class in org.quifft.audioread
Reads audio files into int[] waveforms
AudioReader() - Constructor for class org.quifft.audioread.AudioReader
AudioReaderFactory - Class in org.quifft.audioread
Factory to produce an appropriate subclass of AudioReader depending on whether input file is MP3 or WAV/AIFF
AudioReaderFactory() - Constructor for class org.quifft.audioread.AudioReaderFactory
audioReaderFor(File) - Static method in class org.quifft.audioread.AudioReaderFactory
Produces a PCMReader if given file is WAV or AIFF, MP3Reader if MP3, throws exception otherwise
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